PHE launches Active 10 campaign

PHE launches Active 10 campaign

May 29, 2018

To help adults get healthier and become more active this summer, Public Health England (PHE) is re-launching a physical activity campaign which encourages adults to complete 10 minutes of brisk walking every day, using the free Active 10 app. The campaign launches on Monday 4th June and will carry on throughout Summer 2018.

PHE is encouraging community pharmacy teams to get involved by using a new toolkit to aid conversations with patients about increasing physical activity, what they can do to get more active and the benefits this brings to their health.

The toolkit contains:

  • a pharmacy brief (A4) – with information about the campaign and the use of resources;
  • a pharmacy poster (A4) – for display at till points on countertops;
  • conversation starters – for display in busy areas where they’ll be seen; and
  • a conversation starter dispenser.

Resources can be ordered through the PHE Campaign Resource Centre or through the Pharmacy Order Line on 0300 123 1019.

Pharmacy teams who are working towards or have already achieved Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) Level 1 status could consider participating in the campaign to help demonstrate that they meet several of the required HLP Level 1 quality criteria.

All pharmacy teams who are planning to participate in the campaign are also reminded of the availability of PSNC Briefing 011/17: Healthy Living Pharmacy – Holding a health promotion event/campaign, which includes a checklist to assist pharmacy teams when planning a health promotion event/campaign and a template questionnaire which pharmacy teams could use to evaluate their health promotion event/campaign.

Health promotion ideas for pharmacy teams hub

health promotion ideas for pharmacy teams hub is available on the PSNC website. The page provides links to different topics, including physical activity, which pharmacy teams can use as a focus for their HLP Health Promotion Zone or they can be used in other health promotion work within and outside the pharmacy depending on the needs of the local community.

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