Print issue of CPN to cease after March 2017

Print issue of CPN to cease after March 2017

February 22, 2017

The March 2017 edition of PSNC’s Community Pharmacy News (CPN) magazine will be the last issue to be printed and mailed out with Pharmacy Magazine.

At a time when PSNC has not increased its levy to contractors, the committee agreed to implement a number of cost savings, including the ending of the hard copy of CPN.

Making sure you will still receive important PSNC communications

Our website and email newsletters continue to be our primary methods of communication with community pharmacy contractors and their teams. It is therefore vital that you ensure you know how to access these channels and sign up for alerts where necessary – we suggest that you:

1. Bookmark our website

2. Sign up for our emails

3. Follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn


Our recent communications survey revealed that many readers prefer to read the online version of CPN and that there is a growing interest in our digital content such as webinars. Additionally, our website users find much of the functionality useful and the vast majority of people find PSNC’s emails easy to read.

Digital channels have been PSNC’s principal means of communications with contractors for a number of years, reflecting wider trends in communications. Therefore, PSNC will now continue to focus on its digital communications such as the PSNC website, email newsletters and social media accounts. The Communications Team will continue to work on content such as webinars, videos and podcasts.

PSNC will continue to produce the online version of the CPN magazine, so that community pharmacists and their teams have a monthly guide to the most important pharmacy news from recent weeks. The online reader can be used to browse on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, whilst a downloadable PDF version will be made available for those who value the print copy. The publication of these will be highlighted in our email newsletters each month.

PSNC Chief Executive Sue Sharpe said:

“PSNC want to make better use of its resources and bring you more information, more quickly through our website, email newsletters and social media accounts.

Previous improvements in our online content have seen the number of visitors to the PSNC website grow steadily for some time, from just under 93,000 unique visits in January 2013 to a peak of nearly 150,00 unique visits during October 2016. Similarly, our email newsletters now reach an audience of more than 10,500.

This will allow us to get news to you more quickly. If you have not signed up to receive our emails, please do so at:

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