PSNC Leadership Academy: Adopting new skills and implementing change

PSNC Leadership Academy: Adopting new skills and implementing change

August 10, 2017

Two aspiring leaders from PSNC’s 2017 leadership development programme discuss the progress they have made.

Dipesh Raghwani

When Dipesh Raghwani’s LPC merged with several others to form Greater Manchester LPC his role changed from the Chief Officer of a small LPC to the Project Implementation and Clinical Lead of a new, much larger LPC. It was this big change that prompted Dipesh to apply for PSNC’s Leadership Academy programme.

Dipesh says the Academy has been a good networking opportunity as it provided an environment where he could talk to like-minded people and share good practice. Ideas and suggestions relating to services has been a popular topic within the group sessions and Dipesh has found that “there is some cracking stuff going on elsewhere”.

The one-to-one coaching sessions with course leader Rachel Harrison have also been invaluable as Dipesh has found she strikes the right balance between pushing him along and highlighting areas for improvement.

The learning that Dipesh has taken away from the programme has led him to take a new approach to LPC work. In particular he has helped the LPC to identify more opportunities to be proactive; ensuring the LPC is benefitting its contractors at a local level as well as across the region​.

Dipesh wants to drive the profession forward, “so we’re seen as an equal partner in primary care”, and would love to represent community pharmacy at a higher level with hopes of becoming a PSNC regional representative in the future.

Luvjit Kandula

As Chief Officer of Leicestershire and Rutland LPC, Luvjit Kandula found that constant changes in the profession left her feeling overwhelmed. However, she thought that a Leadership Academy led by the negotiator PSNC would be a great place to get some support.

Luvjit welcomed the opportunity to connect with others who share her issues and frustrations, as well as to develop her leadership skills. She also found the programme’s one-to-one sessions extremely helpful as they made her more conscious of her own leadership style.

Since joining the Academy, Luvjit has made significant changes at her LPC, leading to better team-working. All LPC members have now reviewed their own working personalities and shared their findings to help everyone get to know the different skills within the team and adjust their styles of interaction to better suit others.

This also helped the LPC to become more responsive to contractors’ needs, because they were listening to others’ views. Now Luvjit has a committee who are not only engaged with local pharmacy teams but also supportive of initiatives such as the roll-out of Healthy Living Pharmacies.

Luvjit’s aim for the future is for community pharmacy to become part of the local healthcare strategy with further commissioning of pharmacy services. Recently there has been some good progress with the local Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) team around medicines optimisation, prevention, digital and other workstreams.

Whilst she recognises that the LPC is still on a journey towards full integration, Luvjit says PSNC’s Leadership Academy has been worth the investment as “you can’t be an effective change leader if you don’t have support yourself”.

Supporting LPC Leaders

Are you an LPC Leader? Would you be interested in meeting with a group of other local leaders who understand your viewpoint and you can share tips with? Then look no further than PSNC’s upcoming LPC Leaders Forum: Working Together to Lead and Effect Change, taking place on Wednesday 27th September 2017 in London.

Facilitated by Rachel Harrison who leads the PSNC Leadership Academy, this event is aimed at experienced LPC members, officers and staff who are established and recognised as leaders in their LPC work. It is an opportunity to become part of a new network with established LPC leaders to enhance leadership skills, share good practice and access peer support, as well as a day to enjoy with other LPC leaders from across the country.

Please click here for more details; booking will open shortly.

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