PSNC publishes resources on pharmacy cashflow changes

PSNC publishes resources on pharmacy cashflow changes

August 10, 2017

PSNC’s Funding Team has today published further materials to help community pharmacy contractors to understand how recent changes may be affecting their cashflow.

The funding imposition has already led to changes in payments made to contractors in recent months, but, following the reduction in Category M reimbursement prices effective from August, pharmacies will now see additional pressure on their income.

PSNC strongly advises contractors to analyse the impact on their finances. We hope the resources will help contractors to better understand and plan.

PSNC Briefing 057/17: How recent changes will affect your payments
This briefing summarises the changes to funding delivery and outlines what those changes mean for your income for 2017/18.

Cashflow calculator
This tool can help contractors to calculate the impact of both the funding imposition and the Category M price reductions on their pharmacy’s cashflow.

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