PSNC Statement on General Election Result

PSNC Statement on General Election Result

June 9, 2017

The 2017 General Election has resulted in a hung Parliament, with no party having a clear majority, but Prime Minister Theresa May has said that she intends to form a Government with support from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

Theresa May is expected to seek to form an agreement with the DUP and to begin making ministerial appointments ahead of Parliament’s first meeting on Tuesday June 13th. Until a new Government is formed, Government and NHS business will continue as it had done during the election period.

Pharmacy Minister David Mowat has lost his seat as an MP, but until new ministers are appointed he will officially retain his responsibilities despite no longer being an MP.

A number of key community pharmacy supporters in Parliament from across all parties have held their seats, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to promote the sector and all that is has to offer. 

The campaign for community pharmacy over the past 18 months has been extremely strong, and PSNC was pleased to note the inclusion of pledges on community pharmacy in many of the manifestos. This support and the eventual formation of a new Government should give us a chance to rebuild constructive working relationships with ministers, in which we hope that the value and potential of community pharmacy will be fully recognised.

As soon as the health ministerial team is known PSNC will be seeking to meet to develop policy to secure a strong and stable future for community pharmacy. PSNC will also continue to work closely with LPCs to build and make the most of Parliamentary support for community pharmacy.

PSNC Chief Executive Sue Sharpe said:

“Congratulations this morning must go to all our new and returning MPs, who we look forward to working with to realise their manifesto ambitions for community pharmacies. We are pleased to see that many MPs who we have been working very constructively with in the past 18 months have returned to Parliament.

This has been an extraordinary election for so many reasons and at this early stage it is impossible to say exactly what it will mean for community pharmacy. We expect the situation and ministerial responsibilities to become clearer over the weekend and into next week. PSNC will of course seek to begin discussions with health ministers at the earliest opportunity to develop policy to secure a strong future for community pharmacy.

We do know that the hard work put in by community pharmacy teams, LPCs and the national organisations last year led to community pharmacy being specifically mentioned in many of the parties’ manifestos. This is a first, and something we can build on over the coming months to increase the support we have for the sector. PSNC’s aim will be to ensure that any new Government understands fully the value and potential of community pharmacy.”

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