PSNC submits evidence to PCSE inquiry by MPs

PSNC submits evidence to PCSE inquiry by MPs

June 18, 2018

PSNC has provided written evidence to an inquiry into the Primary Care Support England (PCSE) services provided by Capita.

Following the National Audit Office Report on NHS England’s management of the primary care support services contract with Capita, the Public Accounts Committee decided to conduct an inquiry. The committee of MPs, responsible for overseeing government expenditures, invited stakeholders to provide information on their experiences with PCSE since the contract has been held by Capita.

PSNC’s submission seeks to ensure improvements for the future, whilst highlighting the additional workload that community pharmacy teams have had to endure. The written evidence also includes details of concerns raised formally by PSNC in July 2016 and how PSNC has worked, and continues to work, with PCSE/Capita to address problems.

Read PSNC’s submission in full.

Learn more about the inquiry.

PSNC Director of Operations and Support, Gordon Hockey, said:

“PSNC welcomed the opportunity to submit evidence to the¬†Public Accounts Committee¬†and hopes the inquiry will help ensure lessons are learnt. We are pleased our work to raise the matter and push for improvements – as well as work with contractors, LPCs, NHS England and Capita – has had some impact, with services generally improving since 2016. We will continue to work with Capita to ensure the improvements continue.”

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