Quality Payments: Are you using the SCR calculator ahead of the November review point?


Quality Payments: Are you using the SCR calculator ahead of the November review point?

July 17, 2017

Community pharmacy contractors are reminded that the Summary Care Record (SCR) usage calculator tool, as referenced in NHS England’s quality criteria guidance, is now available to use ahead of the November 2017 review point of the Quality Payments Scheme.

The SCR calculator is designed to assist community pharmacy contractors in monitoring and increasing their SCR usage to meet the SCR quality criterion, which requires contractors to be able to demonstrate on the day of the review, a total increase in access to SCR from period 1 to period 2 as defined below:

Period 1 Period 2
For 24th November 2017 review point Monday 3rd October 2016 to Sunday 30th April 2017 Monday 1st May 2017 to Sunday 26th November 2017

The calculator shows the number of times a contractor has accessed the SCR in period 1 and current usage in period 2. It also calculates the difference in usage between the two periods so contractors can see how many times they will need to access the SCR in period 2 to increase their usage, to enable them to meet the SCR quality criterion at the November review point.

The following resources provide guidance and examples for pharmacy professionals on when they could consider accessing a patient’s SCR (with the patient’s consent), which may assist contractors with increasing their SCR usage ahead of the November review point:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often is the SCR calculator updated?
    The SCR calculator is updated weekly on Thursdays (with the previous week’s viewing figures).
  2. How can I practice using SCR so that I can learn how to use it quickly for patients under my care?
    You can practice using SCR by using the test patient NHS numbers that NHS Digital has provided; this will allow you to access example records and help you become more familiar with the process. Details of the test NHS numbers plus further information on this process can be found on the Using the SCR application page on the PSNC website.
  3. Does the SCR usage calculator tool include test patients when it calculates the number of times a pharmacy has viewed the SCR in period 1 and period 2?
    Yes. The SCR usage calculator tool is not able to differentiate between test patients and real patients therefore both are included in the calculation of how many times a pharmacy has accessed the SCR.

More frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Quality Payments can be found on the Quality Payments – FAQs page of the PSNC website

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