Quality Payments: February review point


Quality Payments: February review point

February 15, 2019

Today, Friday 15th February 2019, is the review point for the Quality Payments Scheme.

Below is a summary of the requirements that community pharmacy contractors need to meet today (on the day of the review) to be able to declare that they meet the criteria.

Gateway criteria

Contractors must meet all of the below gateway criteria today otherwise contractors will not be entitled to claim for a Quality Payment based on the quality criteria that they meet:

Gateway criteria
The contractor must be offering at the pharmacy Medicine Use Review (MUR) or New Medicine Service (NMS); or must be registered for NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service Pilot; and
The NHS.UK entry (NHS website), including bank holiday opening hours for the pharmacy must be up to date*; and
The results of the last completed Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire is publicly available on the pharmacy’s NHS.UK page or for distance selling pharmacies it is displayed on their website; and
Pharmacy staff at the pharmacy must be able to send and receive NHSmail from their shared premises NHSmail account, which must have at least two live linked accounts; and
The contractor must have consulted the NHS Digital Warranted Environment Specification (WES) and/or their System Supplier(s) and have assured themselves, and can demonstrate, that all their operating system and browser versions currently in use in their pharmacy to link to NHS Digital systems, such as the Electronic Prescription Service and Summary Care Record, comply with the WES; and are therefore supported by NHS Digital for connectivity to NHS Spine systems.

*Contractors must edit and/or validate their NHS website entry between 00:00 on 3rd December 2018 and 11:59pm on 15th February 2019 and distance selling pharmacies should follow the process outlined in the NHS England guidance.

Please note, to meet the NHS website gateway criterion contractors need to have logged in to their NHS website profile and either have edited or validated the required THREE sections of their NHS website profile: the opening times (including Bank Holiday opening times); the facilities the pharmacy provides; and the services the pharmacy provides. Contractors must validate the three parts of their profile even if their NHS website profile is correct otherwise they will not meet the gateway criterion and will therefore not be entitled to claim for a Quality Payment.

Contractors who plan to declare to the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) that they are meeting the Advanced Services gateway criterion by offering either Medicines Use Reviews or the New Medicine Service must also ensure that the service is visible on their NHS website profile.

Quality criteria

If you meet any or all the criteria in the table below today, 15th February 2019, you are encouraged to make a declaration for these criteria to ensure you don’t miss out on a payment. 

Quality criteria

A written safety report (updated since 29th June 2018, ie the last review date or covering the last year if not previously claimed) at premises level available for inspection at review point covering analysis of incidents and incident patterns (taken from an ongoing log), evidence of sharing learning locally and nationally, and actions taken in response to national patient safety alerts; and Demonstrably, the pharmacy contractor actively identifies and manages the risks at premises level associated with specified look-alike sound-alike errors (LASA) identified from the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS)**.

Demonstrably, the pharmacy contractor has put in place actions to prevent these, for example physical separation, staff awareness raising, visual warnings, tags or labels on shelving, fatigue reduction strategies, enhanced checking procedures for these medicines.

Demonstrably, the pharmacy contractor uploads any LASA incident reports to the NRLS and keeps a record for confirmation of this activity at the pharmacy premises or within any electronic reporting system used by the contractor. In the description of what happened in the NRLS report, the contractor must include the text ‘LASA’ as a unique identifier to facilitate future national learning.

On the day of the review, 80% of all registered pharmacy professionals working at the pharmacy have satisfactorily completed the CPPE Risk Management training; and the pharmacy has available for inspection at the review point, at premises level, an example of a risk review that the pharmacy team at the premises have drawn up for a risk in that pharmacy that has been identified and prioritised with identified risk minimisation actions that the pharmacy team is taking.
On the day of the review the pharmacy must have completed the audit of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and gastro-protection available under the following link – https://www.sps.nhs.uk/articles/nsaid-safety-audit-2018-19/, for patients 65 or over, notified the patient’s GP where professional concerns were identified, share the anonymised data with NHS England and incorporated the learning of the audit into future practice.
On the day of the review the pharmacy is a Healthy Living Pharmacy level 1 (self-assessment) and; 80% of staff working at the pharmacy (including pharmacy professionals) that provide healthcare advice to the public have successfully completed the CPPE children’s oral health training assessment.
On the day of the review, the pharmacy’s NHS 111 Directory of Service entry is up to date, including bank holiday opening.
On the day of the review, the pharmacy can show evidence of asthma patients, for whom more than 6 short-acting bronchodilator inhalers were dispensed without any corticosteroid inhaler within a 6 month period, have since (29 June 2018 ie the last review date) been referred to an appropriate health care professional for an asthma review; and can evidence that they have ensured that all children aged 5-15 prescribed an inhaled corticosteroid for asthma have a spacer device where appropriate in line with NICE TA38 and have a personalised asthma action plan. Refer to an appropriate healthcare professional where this is not the case.
On the day of the review, 80% of all pharmacy staff working in patient facing roles are Dementia Friends (Alzheimer’s Society).

**NHS Improvement top combinations by likelihood and harm caused – propranolol and prednisolone, amlodipine and amitriptyline, carbamazepine and carbimazole, azathioprine and azithromycin, atenolol and allopurinol.

NHSBSA Quality Payments online declaration

As for previous declarations, contractors wishing to claim a Quality Payment will be required to submit their declaration online to the NHSBSA; however, for the February 2019 review point, contractors will be able to claim for a Quality Payment via one of two routes, the Snap Survey tool (as used for previous declarations) or the Manage Your Service (MYS) application.

In addition, there is a new process for validating a contractor’s submission to confirm if they meet the gateway criteria and actions that contractors will need to take if NHSBSA cannot validate that a contractor’s submission meets all five of the gateway criteria.

PSNC Briefing 007/19: Quality Payments – Completing your declaration provides further information on how to make a declaration and the validation process for the gateway criteria; contractors are strongly encouraged to read this.

Contractors are reminded that the deadline for submitting a declaration for the Quality Payments Scheme is Friday 1st March 2019 at 11.59pm.

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