Quality Payments: HLP quality criterion


Quality Payments: HLP quality criterion

October 18, 2017

Over the last few days, PSNC has received several queries on how to meet the Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) quality criterion, so this news story provides a reminder as to how community pharmacy contractors that have not previously been accredited as an HLP can meet the HLP quality criterion.

Contractors who have not previously been accredited as an HLP must have an entry in the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) online register as a profession-led self-assessed HLP Level 1, as detailed in the NHS England Pharmacy Quality Payments Quality Criteria Guidance and the NHS England Pharmacy Quality Payments Guidance for the November 2017 declaration.

Therefore, completion of the assessment of compliance on the RSPH website does not meet the HLP quality criterion; RSPH will need to confirm registration (RSPH will endeavour to contact contractors by mail or email within 10 working days) before a contractor can claim the HLP quality criterion.

If contractors, who have not previously been accredited as an HLP, do not receive confirmation of their pharmacy being on the RSPH register before or on the November review date (24th November 2017), they cannot claim for the HLP quality criterion as they will not meet the criterion.

Further information on how to meet the HLP quality criterion for contractors whose pharmacies became HLPs locally before 1st December 2014 and those who became HLPs locally between 1st December 2014 and 24th November 2017 can be found in the above NHS England guidance documents and in PSNC Briefing 047/17: Quality Payments – How to become a Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1.

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