Quality Payments: Patient safety report resource published

Quality Payments: Patient safety report resource published

October 11, 2017

The Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group and PSNC have published a new resource, Completion of the patient safety report quality criterion, ahead of the November review date to assist community pharmacy contractors to meet this quality criterion of the Quality Payments Scheme. This quality criterion requires contractors to have a:

“Written safety report at premises level available for inspection at review point, covering analysis of incidents and incident patterns (taken from an ongoing log), evidence of sharing learning locally and nationally, and actions taken in response to national patient safety alerts”.

The resource explains how contractors can use the monthly and annual template patient safety reports (created by the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group, PSNC and NHS Improvement) to meet the quality criterion and lists questions and examples which pharmacy teams can consider to help them complete the report.

Contractors are reminded that they do not have to use the above template reports to meet the quality criterion. However, if contractors choose to create their own report they should ensure it contains all the information required by NHS England as detailed in their guidance, which states that the report should demonstrate that the pharmacy team has:

  • collated incidents and near misses from an ongoing log;
  • analysed these and have looked for patterns;
  • reflected on learning from these;
  • recorded action taken to minimise future risk from repeated errors;
  • shared learning (both nationally and locally); and
  • evidenced specific actions taken by the pharmacy in response to local errors and national patient safety alerts issued by the Central Alerting System.

Contractors are also reminded that the safety report must be specific to the individual pharmacy and should be a summary that reflects the events taking place in that pharmacy.


Q. What duration of time should my pharmacy’s written safety report cover?
While NHS England has not defined a time period, it is expected that the written safety report should cover the previous 12 months if possible. Contractors should have records of incidents, near misses and responses to medicines recalls and national patient safety alerts that would allow contractors to complete an annual patient safety report retrospectively and reflect on learning from these.

Q. Does the written patient safety report need to be submitted to NHS England?
The report does not need to be submitted routinely to NHS England but contractors should ensure that a copy of the report is kept in the pharmacy.

Contractors may be required to submit a copy of their report to NHS England or the NHS Business Services Authority as part of the validation process for the quality criteria of the Quality Payments Scheme. However, details of this process have not yet been confirmed and further information will be published on the PSNC website when available.

Q. Does completion of the patient safety report replace the need to report patient safety incidents to the National Reporting and Learning System?
No. Reporting patient safety incidents to the National Reporting and Learning Service (NRLS) is a professional responsibility and pharmacy teams should continue to do this.

Q. The quality payment criterion states that a ‘written’ safety report at premises level needs to be available for inspection; does this need to be handwritten or can it be computer generated (typed)?
The report can be either hand written or computer generated (typed).


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