Quality Payments – phenomenal engagement by pharmacy teams!

Quality Payments – phenomenal engagement by pharmacy teams!

May 17, 2017

Last Friday the first declaration period for the Quality Payments Scheme closed, marking the end of a period of hard work by pharmacy teams and LPCs across England. We understand that over 11,000 pharmacies completed a declaration for the first review period, which means the vast majority of the sector took on the challenge of meeting the various quality criteria.

Please note, the declaration period has now ended.

Commenting on this high level of engagement, Alastair Buxton, Director of NHS Services, at PSNC said:

“Congratulations to pharmacy teams and LPCs on the hard work and phenomenal engagement with the Quality Payment Scheme which we have seen in the first review period. PSNC had encouraged contractors and their teams to take part in the scheme, but we are delighted at the very high levels of participation.

I am very grateful for the hard work that LPCs have put into supporting their contractors to successfully engage with the scheme; they have organised events across the country, provided telephone and email support to their contractors and in some cases they have even visited pharmacies to make sure pharmacy teams understand how to complete the various elements of the scheme.

I must also pay tribute to the hard work of my pharmacy services team, in particular Rosie Taylor, Head of Service Development; they have worked collaboratively with the team at NHS England to help clarify the requirements of the scheme and support its implementation, tirelessly creating guidance and support materials for pharmacy teams and LPCs. Feedback received from LPCs and contractors is that these resources have been instrumental to helping pharmacy teams successfully engage with the scheme.

Many elements of the scheme, such as use of the NHS Summary Care Record and NHSmail, provide a very useful foundation for future community pharmacy service developments. The fabulous level of engagement with the scheme demonstrates that pharmacy teams are committed to continuously improving the quality of the services they provide to patients and the public and I hope that this is acknowledged by DH and NHS England.”

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