Quality Payments reminder: action required if you haven’t activated your NHSmail accounts


Quality Payments reminder: action required if you haven’t activated your NHSmail accounts

November 10, 2017

To meet the QPS gateway criterion, on 24th November 2017, contractors must be able to demonstrate that pharmacy staff are able to send and receive NHSmail from at least one NHSmail account. An application for an NHSmail account will not be sufficient to meet this criterion for the November declaration.

It is important that all community pharmacy contractors, pharmacists and other team members who have NHSmail accounts, activate and use them by 24 November 2017 to qualify for the Quality Payments Scheme (QPS). We recommend you do this well in advance of the deadline so you have time to resolve any issues that may arise.

Activating a new NHS mail account

If you already have an individual NHSmail account which you have not already used, log-in and activate it now.

If you also have access to a pharmacy premises shared account, open that account once you have activated your individual account by following the instructions in the welcome email which you will have received or by referring to the user guide for community pharmacies.

When activating an individual account, you will be asked to configure a password, which also requires you to agree to the NHSmail acceptable use policy (AUP). We also recommend that you set answers to the optional security questions, to allow the reset of your password in the future, should you forget it.

Additional information on how to activate your account is available in PSNC Briefing 058.17 How to complete the NHSmail registration process and the NHSmail frequently asked questions.

Keeping your NHSmail account active

Individual accounts that are not activated or used will become ‘inactive’ and are disabled after 90 days. Disabled accounts are permanently deleted after a further 90 days and cannot be re-activated. If the account is still needed it would mean that a different user name would need to be created and all data previously held in the old NHSmail account would be lost. Note that a shared account does not become inactive and therefore is neither disabled or deleted.

To avoid an account becoming inactive you will need to change the password at least every 90 days.

NHSmail accounts have been provided to community pharmacies to enable more efficient, safe and secure working within primary care and between health and social care. Community pharmacy teams are encouraged to use their NHSmail pharmacy premises shared account to communicate within the NHS, with patients and external organisations.

Need further support?

PSNC guidance and resources to support contractors to meet the NHSmail gateway criterion can be found at: psnc.org.uk/QPNHSmail

If you have already been allocated an NHSmail account and are not able to log into it or you need support, please contact pharmacyadmin@nhs.net

  • The team is available between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.
  • Outside of these hours simple tasks can be performed by the national helpdesk over the phone on 0333 200 1133. More complex tasks reported during these hours will be assigned to the pharmacy admin group to complete when they are next available.

Still haven’t got an NHSmail email account?

Follow the process explained in PSNC Briefing 058.17 How to complete the NHSmail registration process. During the registration process, if you are unable to locate your pharmacy within the portal, please contact pharmacyadmin@nhs.net and they will support you through the process.

Further information and FAQs about NHSmail can be found on the PSNC NHSmail webpage.

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