Quality Payments reminder: action required if you haven’t got a pharmacy NHSmail account


Quality Payments reminder: action required if you haven’t got a pharmacy NHSmail account

November 7, 2017

Having an NHSmail account for your pharmacy is a gateway criterion for the Quality Payments Scheme and it is also necessary for any community pharmacy contractor that wishes to provide the NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS).

If you have applied for a shared NHSmail account, but have not yet had one allocated to your pharmacy, it is important that you act now.

You should have received an email from NHS Digital, which explains how to get your account set up. The email asks contractors to complete the process for setting up a shared NHSmail account by providing some information on the NHSmail registration portal. This will include the creation of up to three personal accounts which will be used to access the shared account. Once you have completed your registration using the portal, you will be sent login details for the accounts so that you can activate them.

The portal can also be used by contractors who have not previously applied for an account.

Some multiple pharmacy groups are centrally managing the rollout of NHSmail to their pharmacies in partnership with NHS Digital. If your pharmacy is part of a multiple group, you may want to check with head office before you use the portal to complete setup of an NHSmail account.

What to do next

Once you are ready to set up a shared NHSmail account for your pharmacy and up to three personal accounts, follow the process explained in PSNC Briefing 058.17 How to complete the NHSmail registration process.

During the registration process, if you are unable to locate your pharmacy within the portal, please contact pharmacyadmin@nhs.net and they will support you through the process. Further information and FAQs about NHSmail can be found on the PSNC NHSmail webpage.

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