Quality Payments Scheme evaluation – please share your views


Quality Payments Scheme evaluation – please share your views

July 2, 2018

NHS England is evaluating the implementation of the Quality Payments Scheme (QPS) and how this has been received by community pharmacy contractors.

The evaluation team from NHS England is looking for a representative sample of pharmacists to provide feedback (both positive and negative) on the QPS. They are particularly keen to hear from pharmacists and pharmacy teams working in community pharmacies and from independent pharmacy owners.

The feedback will involve a 15-20 minute telephone interview, which will include questions on:

  • how QPS was experienced;
  • your views on the criteria;
  • the relevance of the criteria for your pharmacy;
  • the impact of the scheme and the positive or negative consequences;
  • the financial impact, time and work impact; and
  • the changes since the scheme was introduced.

If you would prefer to complete the questions electronically the evaluation team may be able to facilitate this.

If you would like to get involved, please email: England.phifevaluation@nhs.net.


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