Sorting of prescriptions using red separators – reminder

Sorting of prescriptions using red separators – reminder

September 29, 2020

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) issues contractors with three sets of red separators each month to sort certain paper prescription forms into their relevant exempt, paid or old charge rate groups. Only prescription items meeting the red separator criteria set out below should be included in the red separator.

Prescription forms containing the following are required to be placed into red separators:

Forms with these items on them should be wrapped in the red separators enclosed with your FP34C submission form for despatch to NHS Prescription Services. NHSBSA recommend that elastic bands are used to secure your prescriptions for submission. If, however, a small number of forms are to be submitted in a red separator then a paper clip may be used to secure the prescriptions and tokens (submitted for SSP claims) to ensure that they do not come loose from the red separator during transit.

The reason NHSBSA ask for certain forms to be placed in the red separator is so that these can be double checked and manually processed for payment by NHSBSA staff. If a form is not placed in the red separator it will still be processed by NHSBSA however any unsorted forms will bypass the additional checking process. Further information on sorting prescriptions prior to submission can be found on our website.

EPS Prescriptions

Please note there are no virtual red separators for EPS prescriptions. Prescriptions that would ordinarily be placed in a red separator are processed accordingly when submitted electronically. However, PSNC does advise that for the purposes of prescription reconciliation, contractors should keep a log or generate report(s) from their PMR system for the following types of items:

  • Expensive items (items with a net ingredient cost of £100 or over);
  • Unlicensed specials and imported drugs; and
  • Items with Broken Bulk or out of pocket expense claims

This log or report should then be used to reconcile items/values against the pharmacy’s FP34 Schedule of Payment which is sent by NHSBSA after the bundle has been priced. If you are unable to or unsure how to generate a report which incorporates the above, please contact your PMR system supplier for further support.

Pharmacy teams are reminded that only tokens submitted for payment of SSP claims should be included in the red separator, no other EPS tokens should be placed in the red separator with the end of month prescription bundle. This is because these tokens are not used for payment of electronic prescriptions (payment is solely based on the information contained in the electronic claim message).

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