Stay Well Pharmacy campaign: digital resources now available

Stay Well Pharmacy campaign: digital resources now available

March 12, 2018

NHS England has begun a second wave of promotion for the Stay Well Pharmacy campaign, encouraging all community pharmacy teams to make use of new social media materials.

The Stay Well Pharmacy campaign, which launched last month, is an NHS England campaign which aims to increase the public’s trust and confidence in community pharmacy teams as the place to go for clinical advice for minor health concerns, and encourages people to use pharmacies rather than visiting their GP as a first port of call.

With campaign toolkits now delivered to 12,000 pharmacies, 7,500 GP practices and 7,600 dental practices, primary care providers are requested to start using these resources immediately. The campaign materials, featuring real community pharmacy team members along with prominent green cross imaging, help explain to people that they can speak to the community pharmacy team about a range of minor health concerns.

In the first three weeks, campaign press coverage has amounted to over 250 broadcast, press and radio pieces. Social media activity has so far provided 6.6 million opportunities for the target audience to see a post on Facebook, with 18,000 clicking the links included on the posts. Furthermore, 1.1 million have viewed at least 3 seconds of the TV advert video shared online and 230,000 have viewed the video in full.

NHS England is keen to build on these initial positive results and, with the addition of new materials to the PHE Campaign Resource Centre, community pharmacy teams now have even more resources to make use of. The new materials are focused on the digital side of the campaign, and include a social media pack and banners for use on websites. But, if you are short on time, it is quick and easy to share/post/retweet the following campaign assets on social media.

Cut down TV Ad, Twitter post

Cut down TV Ad, Facebook post

Cut downs of kids play pharmacists posts:

The full Stay Well Pharmacy TV ad  

The full length ‘Kids’ Stay Well Pharmacy video

Further support materials

Stay Well Pharmacy resources hub
PSNC, working in partnership with the other national pharmacy organisations, has worked to compile a one-stop resources hub, linking to all the most up-to-date clinical resources that can help community pharmacy teams to manage minor illnesses, and identify any red flag symptoms. Pharmacy teams are encouraged to use the hub and share it with colleagues.

Communicating with patients
LPCs may wish to use the opportunity the Stay Well Pharmacy campaign provides to raise awareness locally of the work pharmacy teams do. This page contains resources created for patients and the public to provide more information about community pharmacy and its services.

PSNC Briefing 008/18: Hosting a pharmacy visit for your local MP
If you would like to organise a pharmacy visit for your local MP during the campaign, this recently updated PSNC Briefing provides guidance which can help in the planning and preparation of such a visit. Much of this advice is also applicable if you are arranging a visit for a local councillor.

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