Summary Care Records rollout: Update

Summary Care Records rollout: Update

February 12, 2016

The rollout of Summary Care Records (SCR) to community pharmacy across England has now started. At the beginning of February 2016, over 380 pharmacies had completed rollout and had SCR access.

How can you get SCR access in your community pharmacy?

In order to go live with SCR, at least one person from each community pharmacy must attend a face to face ‘Implementation Briefing session’. Please note this requirement is per community pharmacy, not per contractor/company.

The following community pharmacy contractors are providing briefings internally within their company, with details of the briefing sessions being sent directly to their pharmacies:

Lloydspharmacy, Boots, Tesco, Safedale Ltd, Manor Pharmacy, Dean & Smedley, Knights, Cohen’s Group, Superdrug, Morrisons, H.I Weldrick Ltd and Kamsons.

Day Lewis and Rowlands have already completed their briefing sessions for their pharmacies (information provided by HSCIC).

For staff who work in all other community pharmacies, the Implementation Briefing Sessions will be provided on a local, geographical basis, and you will be informed of these through local communication channels (generally via your LPC and NHS England local team).

Indicative dates of when they are likely to begin in each area are detailed below (information provided by HSCIC; correct at 10th February 2016):


Likely month of first sessions

Central Midlands (Northampton and Milton Keynes)

Greater Manchester

Commenced in January

North Midlands (Shropshire)

South Central

South East

South West


Central Midlands (Luton, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire)

West Midlands (Wolverhampton, Solihull, Worcestershire)


Central Midlands (remaining areas to start)

North Midlands (Staffordshire)

Cheshire & Merseyside

Cumbria & North East

East Midlands

West Midlands (remaining areas to start)

Yorkshire & Humber





North Midlands (remaining areas to start)


Each pharmacy contractor will need to nominate a person responsible for monitoring SCR activity; this person is termed the Privacy Officer. Training on this role and how to access reports will also be provided locally. Pharmacy Voice have recently issued a briefing paper on the role of the Privacy Officer and further guidance is available on the HSCIC website. For further information on SCR and the implementation approach, as well as confirmed timescales for the briefing sessions, please visit the HSCIC website.

For further details on SCR implementation please contact your regional SCR implementation manager:



London & South:

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