Talking about cancer e-learning

Talking about cancer e-learning

May 15, 2017


Cancer Research UK is re-launching its e-learning course designed to encourage more conversations about cancer.

The free course, which will take place over a three-week period starting on 5th June 2017, will feature people with first-hand experience of talking about cancer, listen in on successful and unsuccessful role-playing conversations, and learn best practices.

The conversations in the course focus on prevention and early diagnosis, but the cancer information and conversation tips and tools may also be helpful for pharmacy teams talking to cancer patients and their families and friends.

The course will help with:

  • having the tips, tools and confidence to engage with members of the public in meaningful conversations about cancer;
  • identifying and dealing effectively with barriers and challenges to meaningful conversations;
  • being aware of the key facts about cancer and being able to explain these to members of the public; and
  • explaining and directing people to the right places for support, and encourage practical action.

Healthy Living Pharmacy teams may wish to host a health awareness event/campaign on cancer, therefore this course may be of benefit to those wishing to engage with members of the public on this subject. More information on hosting a health awareness event/campaigns can be found on the PSNC health promotion ideas page.

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