Communicating with patients

Communicating with patients

PSNC often creates resources that community pharmacy teams, LPCs and others can give to patients and the public to provide more information about community pharmacy and its services. Here we have brought together all of these resources in one place.

General information about community pharmacy

NHS Community Pharmacy Services – a summary
This has been written for anyone wanting to know more about community pharmacy.

PowerPoint for patient groups
This explains how community pharmacy operates and the potential it has to do more.

Think Pharmacy posters
A collection of posters that can be printed off and used to promote both local and national pharmacy services to patients.

Dispensing prescriptions and handling medicines

The Prescription Charge Card and Multi Charge Card
These are designed for display in public areas of pharmacies to inform patients of the current NHS prescription charge and any prescription items which incur more than one charge.

Poster on freedom of choice
This was issued by NHS England to help ensure that all patients are aware of their right to choose freely where they have their medicines dispensed.

Unwanted Medicines Card
This is designed for display in public areas of pharmacies to inform patients which medicines a pharmacy can and cannot accept for disposal.

The Electronic Prescription Service

EPS patient information leaflet
This explains how the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) works.

eRepeat Dispensing poster and leaflet
This details the benefits of eRepeat Dispensing.

Advanced Services

MUR: Understand your medicines – a booklet for the public
This explains how the Medicines Use Review (MUR) service works.

NMS patient leaflet
This describes the New Medicine Service (NMS).

Flu Vaccination Service posters, leaflets and flyers
These have been created to help community pharmacy teams promote the Flu Vaccination Service by making patients aware they can have their NHS flu jab at their local pharmacy.

Public/patient newsletters

Public newsletters promoting pharmacy services
These newsletters promote pharmacy services, explaining EPS and seeking views. They were distributed to more than 600,000 people in North East London to help the public to understand the services available from local pharmacies and the need to continue supporting them.

PSNC guidance on drafting patient newsletters
These patient newsletters promote the NMS and MURs. They were drafted primarily for use with local charity groups, but they may also be of use to LPCs and pharmacies drafting patient newsletters.


Creating your own patient communication materials

NHS Community Pharmacy Terms of Service
If you are developing your own marketing materials, please remember they must ensure they comply with the requirements of the Terms of Service relating to promotion of services funded by the NHS.

NHS Identity Guidelines: NHS logo use by pharmacies
If you choose to use the NHS identity (i.e. the NHS logo) on your marketing materials, please ensure that this guidance is adhered to when producing, updating or replacing designs.

The Heart of our Community logo
This logo has been designed to promote community pharmacy and its pivotal role in helping to manage the nation’s health and wellbeing.

Essential facts, stats and quotes
A compilation of facts, stats and quotes relating to different topics which may be useful in creating your own promotional resources. This page is a ‘work in progress’ and new topics will continue to be added.

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