Campaigning resources

Campaigning resources

On this page you can find all the guidance and resources created to help support community pharmacy campaigning activities; it will be updated regularly so please check back again soon.

Pledge poster (new)
A poster for Parliamentary Candidates to have a photo with when visiting a pharmacy. Tweet the photo from your pharmacy account using the hashtag #pharmacy17 and linking to the candidate’s account (use the ‘@’ function), or you could ask them to tweet it directly.

PSNC Briefing 028/17: General Election 2017 – how to host a pharmacy visit for general election candidates (May 2017)
This guidance explains how to invite a Parliamentary Candidate to visit a community pharmacy and then how to host and make the most of that visit. If you wish to host a pharmacy visit, please contact your LPC to help coordinate this.

Election 2017 Tweets
A collection of possible tweets for use throughout the election period.

Protecting local health services: using community pharmacy (and references)
Briefing for Parliamentary Candidates detailing alternative ways that community pharmacy could save the NHS money, the current funding situation and the potential for pharmacy teams to do more. A references document provides more detail for those who are interested in the research behind the statistics.

Community Pharmacy Forward View flyer (and references)
This flyer describes how implementing the Community Pharmacy Forward View (CPFV) can help the NHS to cope with the pressures it is currently facing.

Value of pharmacy infographic (and references)
This one-page infographic has been developed to help get across the key findings from the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report in a more easily digestible way.

PwC Tweet templates
Templates for LPCs to use on Twitter to highlight the findings of the PwC report to Parliamentary Candidates.

Community Pharmacy Value Flyer
This flyer highlights the value of community pharmacy.

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