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October SCR webinars

Make sure you watch two related webinars next month to find out how to get the most out of Summary Care Record (SCR) access in your pharmacy.

The first webinar, to be held on Thursday 13th October at 7.30pm and hosted by PSNC, will cover what is required to go live, the benefits of SCR usage, how to use SCR to improve efficiency, and top tips and experiences from users. More information on the second webinar, to be hosted by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) on Tuesday 18th October, will be made available shortly.

Community pharmacists and technicians can use SCR to handle emergency supplies, support patients to self-care, and prevent adverse reactions. By having quick access to key patient information, pharmacy staff are less likely to need to contact GP practices and can therefore treat patients sooner.

This webinar is equally suitable for community pharmacists and technicians considering using SCR or those about to go live, as well as those who have already begun using SCR. Find out more about SCR at:

If you’re not yet SCR-live then, before attending the webinar, please review the SCR checklist (

PSNC recommends attending both webinars which will last about an hour each and give viewers the opportunity to ask questions. Make sure SCR access becomes a great tool for your pharmacy by signing up to both webinars below:


Date and time


SCR Part 1: Getting started and using efficiently

Thursday 13th October,


SCR Part 2: Privacy and liability
(booking link coming soon)

Tuesday 18th October,


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