Quality Payments Scheme webinar

Quality Payments Scheme webinar

February 2019 review point (new)

The below presentation was recorded by Zainab Al-Kharsan, Service Development Pharmacist at PSNC. It provides information on the Quality Payments Scheme and the resources which are available from PSNC and on PharmOutcomes to assist contractors with meeting the requirements of the Scheme. This recorded presentation replaces the PSNC webinar which was recorded in October 2018 before NHS England’s guidance and some PSNC resources were available.

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Important change since the above presentation was recorded:

There has been a slight change to the process to follow for validating that a contractor has passed the gateway criteria and the actions that a contractor should take if they cannot be validated. Contractors should read PSNC Briefing 007/19: Quality Payments – Completing your declaration for further details on the process.

October webinar

PSNC held a Quality Payments webinar relating to the February 2019 review point on 16th October 2018; a recorded version of this webinar is available below. Whilst this is now out-of-date, it is still available for reference.

Watch the on-demand version of our Quality Payments webinar here

Important changes since the webinar was held on 16th October 2018:

  • NHS England has made changes to the process that Distance Selling Pharmacy (DSP) contractors need to follow to meet the CPPQ gateway criterion. DSP contractors will need to follow the process as detailed on psnc.org.uk/qpcppq to ensure they meet the gateway criterion.
  • The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has removed the 20-hour lock-out period for the Children’s oral health e-assessment in the event of an unsuccessful attempt.

June 2018 review point

Zainab Al-Kharsan, Service Development Pharmacist at PSNC, has recorded a presentation which provides a summary of the changes that have been made for the June 2018 review point of the interim Quality Payments Scheme. The video is approximately six minutes long.

November 2017 review point

For background information, a presentation recorded in 2017 by Rosie Taylor, Head of Service Development at PSNC, expands on various actions to be completed to meet the quality criteria in further detail. For the latest information, please visit psnc.org.uk/quality

Watch the  ‘Quality Payments – November 2017 review point’ video here

Contractors are encouraged, if not already done so, to sign up to PSNC e-newsletters at psnc.org.uk/enews to ensure further information on the Quality Payments Scheme is delivered straight to their inbox.


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