PSNC meetings

PSNC meetings

PSNC meetings are held six times per year at PSNC’s central London office. At each PSNC meeting PSNC’s four subcommittees each holds its own meeting to review progress against their work plan, discuss ongoing and upcoming work and issues of interest, and to make decisions on policy and future actions.

All decisions made by the subcommittees are reported to and must be ratified by the full PSNC committee during the main PSNC plenary session. All members of PSNC attend these plenary sessions at which they receive updates from the PSNC CEO and Chair and discuss ongoing work and policy matters. Group discussions are also held on matters of particular importance or relevance.

Agendas and minutes from PSNC’s meetings, which give details of all PSNC’s work plans and the committee’s ongoing discussions and actions, can be viewed using the links below.

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