PSNC Meeting May 2017

PSNC Meeting May 2017

Click on the links below to download the agendas and minutes from the PSNC subcommittee and main committee meetings held in May 2017.

PSNC Agenda (May 2017)

PSNC Minutes (May 2017)

Service Development Subcommittee Agenda (May 2017)

Service Development Subcommittee Minutes (May 2017)

LIS Subcommittee Agenda (May 2017)

LIS Subcommittee Minutes (May 2017)

HPR Subcommittee Agenda (May 2017)

HPR Subcommittee Minutes (May 2017)

Funding and Contract Subcommittee Agenda (May 2017)

Funding and Contract Subcommittee Minutes (May 2017)

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Following inspections at Bristol Laboratories and Dr Reddy’s, PSNC is aware of the very great difficulties that contractors are having...