4 service domains

4 service domains

In 2012 PSNC agreed a clear vision of its aims and aspirations for the community pharmacy service in 2016:

The community pharmacy service in 2016 will offer support to our communities, helping people to optimise use of medicines to support their health and care for acute and long-term conditions, and providing individualised information, advice and assistance to support the public’s health and healthy living.

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In this model the patient should see their community pharmacist and the pharmacy team as health friend, ally and advocate: supporting them to manage their own health needs, and ensuring that they get support when they need it, either by providing services, being able to refer the patient to other sources of support or advocating on the patient’s behalf with other members of the healthcare team.

A 2012 survey of community pharmacy contractors confirmed that the majority of the sector (98% of respondents) supported this aspiration for community pharmacy and PSNC is now working towards this vision by developing the community pharmacy service across four key service domains:

  1. Optimising the use of medicines;
  2. Supporting people to self-care;
  3. Supporting people to live healthier lives; and
  4. Supporting people to live independently.

The core Essential and Advanced Services within the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) all fall within one or more of these domains.

In developing community pharmacy services across these four domains, PSNC believes the NHS community pharmacy service can help the NHS to manage the financial constraints and increasing demands it faces, by becoming the basis of a third pillar, supporting NHS service provision alongside the traditionally dominant pillars of GP-led care and secondary care.

In August 2013, building on its vision, PSNC published a narrative describing how services could be commissioned from pharmacies over the next few years to help achieve the vision.

Read more about PSNC’s Vision for community pharmacy and its narrative on the Vision

To read more about the services community pharmacy can provide in the four domains, click on the links below:

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Optimising the use of medicines

Supporting people to self-care

Supporting people to live healthier lives – public health

Supporting people to live independently

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