Public health services

Public health services

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All community pharmacies provide healthy living advice to patients as part of the public health element of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) and provision of relevant healthy living advice is also a component of the Medicines Use Review (MUR) service and the New Medicine Service (NMS). The majority of community pharmacies will also provide at least one locally commissioned public health service, such as provision of EHC, stop smoking or supervision of methadone and buprenorphine.

PSNC envisages that locally commissioned public health services will continue to spread across the country in line with local needs identified by local authorities. The Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) framework provides a positive approach to focussing the pharmacy team on promotion of healthy lifestyles and associated service delivery. The development of support staff skills and increased motivation to provide services has been a positive achievement of the HLP concept.

The locally commissioned services page of the website includes service specifications and resources to assist with provision and commissioning of public health services from community pharmacies.

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Community Pharmacy - at the Heart of Public Health

PSNC has published a resource ‘Community Pharmacy – at the Heart of Public Health’ which describes the main public health services that are provided by community pharmacies and the evidence base for these services. Click on the links below to access the full document or the individual sub-sections and related literature reviews:

Full document
Diet and Exercise
Harm reduction programmes
NHS Health Checks
Raising awareness – Cancer
Stop smoking
Weight management
Young people and sex

Literature reviews

NHS Health Checks
Stop smoking
Substance misuse

Public Health - a practical guide for community pharmacists

This guidance document was developed by PSNC, in collaboration with other pharmacy bodies, to help community pharmacists understand the background to public health and the role of community pharmacy. The contents of the document relating to service commissioning have now been superseded, but the background sections may still be of interest to community pharmacists.

Public Health – a practical guide for community pharmacists

Pharmacy and Public Health Forum

The Pharmacy and Public Health Forum was established in 2011 to bring together pharmacy and public health interests and to lead on developing, implementing and evaluating public health practice for pharmacy, taking into account both the Government’s and local public health priorities. The Forum originally reported to the Department of Health, but it now reports to Public Health England, although it retains a direct dialogue with Ministers.

The Forum has been working on a range of key issues for community pharmacy, with six Task Groups taking forward different streams of work:

Task Group 1 aims to accelerate the number of Healthy Living Pharmacies (HLPs) nationally, and create a movement for a national sustainable programme that allows for local flexibility, encourages innovation and builds on achievements to date, whilst at the same time provides a national framework for consistency of quality and delivery.

Task Group 2 developed professional standards for public health practice for pharmacists.

Task Group 3 looked at consolidating and developing the evidence-base and research for pharmacy’s contribution to public health. A literature review has been completed and funds have been secured to do further work looking at community pharmacy and the changing commissioning structures.

Community Pharmacy and Public Health – evidence base review (February 2013)

Task Group 4 identified how and where community pharmacy sits within the new system architecture for the NHS, public health and social care. A report was published by the NHS Confederation on behalf of the Forum in October 2013.

Task Group 5 has started to consider the workforce and training implications of the recommendations from groups 1-4.

Task Group 6 deals with internal finance to make the Forum and its work sustainable in the future.

More details are available on the Forum’s webpage.

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