Supporting people to live independently

Supporting people to live independently

Commissioner Portal small box promoEngland’s changing demography and the increase in the number of people with life changing conditions such as dementia require that all healthcare providers examine how they can respond to the changing needs of their local population. Community pharmacies already provide a range of services to support people to live independently in their own homes, including:

  • support with re-ordering repeat medicines / the NHS repeat dispensing service;
  • home delivery of medicines to the housebound;
  • appropriate provision of multi-compartment compliance aids and other interventions such as reminder charts to help people adhere to their medicines regimen;
  • reablement services following discharge from hospital;
  • falls assessment / reduction services; and
  • signposting patients or their carers to additional support and resources related to their condition or situation.

Some of these services will also support formal and informal carers to continue to support their clients or friends / relatives to live independently.

Community pharmacy medicines optimisation services can assist people to adhere to their medicines regimen which ultimately may prevent or delay the development of complications from long term conditions which eventually necessitate care in a hospital or care home.

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