Flu Vaccination – promoting the service to patients

Flu Vaccination – promoting the service to patients

This page contains links to resources which can be used to promote the Flu Vaccination Advanced Service to patients.

If community pharmacy contractors decide to develop their own marketing materials to promote the service they must ensure they comply with the requirements of the Terms of Service relating to promotion of services funded by the NHS.

In January 2017 NHS England updated the guidelines on the use of the NHS Identity, including revised guidance for all primary care contractors who are commissioned under a primary care contract. Therefore if contractors choose to use the NHS identity on their marketing materials, they must ensure that the revised guidance is adhered to when producing, updating or replacing designs.

An A-Z style guide of words and phrases about health and the NHS, which aims to make content aimed at patients easy to understand, is available on the NHS website. The NHS website team try to use words on their website that people use themselves when they talk about their problems and when they search for information on the internet.

Community pharmacy teams may wish to refer to the guide when producing their own health content or communication materials.

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PSNC resources


Flu vaccination letter for patients (Word)
This letter invites eligible patients to have their NHS flu jab.

Letter from contractors to local care providers (Word)
This letter informs local care providers that community pharmacy teams can vaccinate care home and domiciliary care workers.

Evidence of employment letter (Word)
Contractors and LPCs can share this template letter with employers of care home and domiciliary care workers which can be used as proof of eligibility for vaccination. The letter is to be used on the employer’s letterhead.

Social media

Pharmacy teams may want to consider using social media networks, such as Twitter, to promote the Flu Vaccination Service. The following resources are available to support you in using this method of communicating with patients.

Flyers and leaflets

Small flu vaccination flyer
These flyers could be attached to dispensing bags to alert patients to the Flu Vaccination Service.

Flu vaccination patient template leaflet (Word)
This leaflet provides information for patients on the NHS flu vaccination.

Posters and counter top notice

Flu Vaccination Service poster – general

Flu Vaccination Service poster – aimed at those with long term conditions

Flu Vaccination Service poster – aimed at carers

Flu Vaccination Service poster – aimed at care home and domiciliary care workers

Flu Vaccination Service counter top notice


PSNC has worked with those who are fluent in other languages to create translations of our posters.

If you can provide a translation we haven’t got, please contact Melinda Mabbutt, Pharmacy Communications Lead.

Public Health England resources

NHS Employers

Social media toolkit – to help teams use twitter as part of their social media campaign

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions relating to promoting the service to patients can be found on the Flu Vaccination FAQs page.

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