Joint working with GPs

Joint working with GPs

Examples of this service that have been commissioned locally are available on the PSNC online services database.

Tools and publications which may be useful to support the commissioning of this service can be found on the Service development tools and publications hub.

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NHS Lewisham CCG – Walk in my shoes video

Presentation at the Pharmacy Show: Joint working with GPs (Sheffield) – Crispin Bliss, David Russell & Jo Tsoneva (Sept 2016) (If prompted, password is: pharmacy16)

Presentation at the Pharmacy Show: Patient joint management plan – GP, CP and the patient – Cathy Quinn & Nick Hunter (Sept 2016) (If prompted, password is: pharmacy16)

Service case study: Community pharmacists reduce workload for GPs in Sheffield LPC (Jun 2016)

Presentation at the Pharmacy Show: Walk in my shoes: Interim analysis – Cleo Butterworth, Dr Trudy Thomas, Dr Simon Parton & Chris Fernandes (Oct 2015) (If prompted, password is: pharmacy15)

NHS Improving Quality: Case study Lewisham CCG Walk in my shoes (March 2015) 

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