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Services Database

Welcome to the PSNC Services Database, which has been developed to provide accurate, relevant and up-to-date information to support the development of local pharmacy strategies and locally commissioned services.

The database is searchable using the search box to the left and more information about the database is available on the About the Database page.

As this database is new (2014), we are keen to populate it with community pharmacy services which are currently commissioned. If you would like to tell us about a new service, please complete the services database online form; the completed form will be reviewed by a member of the PSNC team before being added to the database.

PSNC has held information on local pharmacy services since 1992 and this services database is the third web-based iteration. A new database was required as the NHS systems architecture changed from April 2013 and new fields were required to accommodate these changes. The previous database, which held details of services from 2006 to 2013, is still available as the Services Database Archive and some of these services were transitioned over to new commissioners.

General information on each service is publicly available, but LPC members should log in to the LPC members section of the website prior to searching the database in order to access further information on each of the services. Non-LPC members who require more information on a service should contact their LPC.