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Click the link to view the rating in fullLPC Service Evaluation- Substance Misuse April 2021


Harm reduction services are commissioned by the Public Health Team at Suffolk County Council via Turning Point, the provider of these services across Suffolk.

The Suffolk drug and alcohol treatment service is available to any young person or adult who wishes to address their use of either drugs, alcohol or both. Information about the service can be found at our website  The web pages provide information about the range of services we can offer to young people and adults as well as general information.

Referrals can be made online through the Wellbeing Cloud: or by ringing the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) number: 0300 123 0872.  All referrals go through to the Screening Team, who will make contact with the individual referred.  The Screening Team are able to provide brief interventions, signposting as well as booking individuals in for assessments.

The SPOC is not staffed 24 hours a day.  Anyone calling the SPOC number after 5pm will be able to leave a voicemail and the call will be returned the next working day.

Service agreements and Contract information

Below are the agreements which came into effect from 1st April 2019.   These include additional local guidance to support service delivery. PharmOutcomes is used for all claims.

Sign up for these services is done electronically via PharmOutcomes and no paper copy needs to be returned to Turning Point

Turning Point Needle Exchange Part A Suffolk

Turning Point Needle Exchange Part B Suffolk _5_

Appendix 1

Appendix 1b

Appendix 2

Appendix 4

TP Services Agreement SC – Part A Suffolk

TP Services Agreement – SC – Part B Suffolk

Supply of Methadone to a Person In Police Custody v2 Sept 2017

 Bearers note

Service support information

Printable NX Recordprintable needle exchange record form to match the PharmOutcomes system, for recording stock given out on a day-to-day basis

Needle Stick Injury Protocol

Needle Exchange for under 18’s

You can order stock as part of the the needle exchange programme via the Frontier website: 

Frontier NX Order Formcomprising a  list of ‘core items’ which pharmacies are required to stock as part of the needle exchange programme and ‘additional items’ which can be ordered via Frontier Medical, or your local Harm Reduction Lead should you require smaller quantities of particular items.

Needle Returns child poster

Needle Returns dog poster

Other Treatment Options

Turning Point provide a variety of interventions for drug and alcohol misuse.  Information on the support they provide is detailed in the ‘Treatment options’ leaflet below, which can be downloaded and printed as required.

Please also see the ‘Referral leaflet’ for Drug and Alcohol Services.

Turning Point can also provide you with free ‘alcohol use scratch cards’ for customers.  Please contact Nick Allard for further details (see “Your Service Leads” section below)

Treatment options at TP 2018 v1

TP REFERRAL leaflet 180718

Pharmacy Agreement

Turning Point are introducing a ‘pharmacy agreement’ to support both client and pharmacy to develop a supportive relationship.
Every client that is assessed and prescribed by Turning Point will read and sign the agreement, which lays out expectations regarding rights, responsibilities and behaviour.
A generic pharmacy copy of the agreement has been added to the ‘Supervised Consumption – Supervision’ page under ‘Service Support’ on PharmOutcomes, for you to keep and display as required in your pharmacy.
Each signed copy will be kept with the client records at Turning Point.

Governance and Payment Queries

Governance Queries – if you have any Governance queries, please can you initially contact Nick Allard –, he will be able to direct your query to the right person.

Payment Queries – If you have a question regarding payment for a Turning Point substance misuse service, please can you contact Pinnacle Health on 01983 216699 or email

Your Service Leads and hub details

Please contact the local leads below for advice and information regarding harm reduction services.

Local Leads – Contact Details

Harm reduction coordinator – Suffolk

Nick Allard – 07483420569 –

Other harm reduction leads can be found here


Referrals can be made by both professionals and service users by calling: 0300 123 0872

Contact information for non-referral issues

Contact details for the individual services can be found here.

Referral forms can be found here

Needle Exchange and Harm Reduction Training

Needle exchange / Harm reduction training from Turning Point

Turning Point Suffolk will be providing needle exchange training for pharmacy staff. Primarily  are planning to carry out this training through a series of evening conferences. However, we appreciate that it is not always viable for staff to attend these events and we would like needle exchange training to be as diversified and accessible as possible.


Turning Point Suffolk understand the rural nature of Suffolk and that many pharmacies are now open in the evenings. To address this, we are offering needle exchange eLearning in partnership with Frontier Exchange Supplies. This comprehensive training can be completed from any computer with internet access and is split into a series of short modules to make the learning experience easier and practical. A frontier guide of how to register and access for this training has been included.

3- Frontier Pharmacy e-learning

Face to Face Training Sessions

For face to face training session dates please contact Nick Allard – 07483420569 –

Each session will comprise of the following:

  • ‘Needle Exchange Training’ – which includes safer injecting information, product information and promoting the safe disposal of equipment.
  • ‘Real life experiences’ – A Peer Mentor will be sharing their experiences of addiction and recovery.
  • There will also be some time for questions and discussion to support the development of collaborative working between pharmacies and Turning Point.

You will be informed of your place once confirmed. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. A maximum of three spaces per pharmacy.
We hope that you find the sessions useful, please let me know if you have any questions.

There may be some circumstances where either the conferences or eLearning isn’t suitable to fulfil your training needs. If this is the case, you can contact us to arrange for one of our harm reductions leads to come to your pharmacy and provide experiential training for your staff.

If you are not currently signed up to provide harm reduction services and wish to enrol please can you contact Nick Allard at Turning Point: 07483420569