Primary Care Support England (PCSE)

Primary Care Support England (PCSE)

On 1 September 2015, Capita assumed responsibility for the delivery of most of NHS England’s primary care support services. PCSE (formerly Primary Care Support Service – PCSS) provides administrative and support services to community pharmacies and other primary care providers on behalf of NHS England.

Not all PCS services were transferred as part of the contract with Capita, and some services will continue to be delivered by other organisations – including Commissioning Support Units, CCGs, NHS Shared Business Services and NHS Pensions.

The current range of services provided by PCSE

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Online market entry applications or related escalation

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) successfully launched a digital service for pharmacies to make market entry applications online earlier this year, hosted on its platform PCSE Online. It enables users to apply to open a new pharmacy, add or remove directors from their corporate structure and change ownership. 

The service is available to those wishing to make an application and modernises a paper-based service, which used over 20 separate forms. It’s a one-stop online tool giving users a streamlined, faster and more efficient application process, and enables users to track the progress of their applications in real time.  

The application process is simple – users register by emailing and the PCSE team will  contact them to guide them through setting up their profile and start making their application. Further information on the market entry process can be found on the PCSE website. 

If you are not ready to move online yet, paper forms can be accessed here

Related disputes

In the first instance, contact PCSE using their “contact us” form on a daily basis if you have any difficulties etc. Continue submitting a form until a response is received – keeping copies and / or a record of any of your emails / communications. If no response has been received within a reasonable time (such as, 5 working days) then please copy any emails to explaining the steps you have taken, and the current position so that the PSNC is able to escalate matters.

Supplies, the PCSE Online ordering portal and disputes

NHS resources and supplies

If you want to know how to get hold of NHS resources, please visit the Where to obtain external resources section of the PSNC website.

How to order supplies?

The PCSE pharmacy stationery online ordering portal should be used in most cases by pharmacy teams requesting EPS tokens. The same portal is also used for ordering some other supplies.

Continuity tip: Multiple users should be linked to the account for continuity purposes (in case of unexpected absence).

Signing up for the ordering portal: You can register for a new account to order tokens by using the PCSE “contact us” form and the ‘Register for PCSE online’ drop-down options twice within both the fields ‘enquiry category’ and ‘enquiry type’. A forgotten password process is available.

Portal updates and use: Checking the portal will help you to be aware of delivery statuses and any delivery problems may also be flagged via in-portal messages. The portal is intended for desktop/laptop use and it is not optimised for smart device use.

Escalation steps are set out within the: EPS token ordering and escalation factsheet and are also set out further below if required.

Escalation process related to PCSE (and steps 1-5)

If you have used the online portal but have had problems obtaining tokens that you need, then the escalation process should be followed:

  1. Make contact to PCSE in writing: (using their “contact us” form) and emailing yourself a record of what is sent. In some scenarios may alternatively be contacted in relation to an order placed via the portal not yet delivered. Ensure that your email to PCSE includes delivery references, your ODS code, your contact information, and that you have explained  date when you expect to run out of the supplies being ordered.
  2. Optionally, call PCSE about your written request (0333 014 2884).
  3. Email PCSE further (on a daily basis) if you have any difficulties with slow delivery, or difficulties in registering for the online portal, or other ordering issues etc. Most contractors have a typical delivery day each week. In an emergency there is an option to call PCSE (0333 014 2884) in reference to your written communication.
  4. Check your email junk folders if you are awaiting an email.
  5. Email PCSE further (on a daily basis). Keep a record of your emails. If you are emailing then try to continue the email chain so that each email carries a record of the previous correspondence to and from PCSE.

Step 6A (if relates to EPS tokens)

Send your PCSE email correspondence to PSNC If no response has been received within 3 working days (as stated on the PCSE website) then this would be unusual, however, from this stage, please send your emails (or contact PCSE and cc PSNC) to and and also explain within your email the steps you have taken, and the current position e.g. “I have a supply of EPS tokens to last me for the next two days” so that PSNC is able to advise you or escalate matters. The email must include delivery references and your ODS code.

Step 6A (if relates to supplies other than EPS tokens)

After following steps 1-5, please copy any emails if you have any to and also explain within your email the steps you have taken, and the current position e.g. “I have supply to last me for the next two days” so that PSNC is able to escalate matters.

FAQs: supplies

Q. How long will it take to get a PCSE online ordering portal account?
This will take a number of working days and therefore it is recommended to set-up an account well before it will be needed. See also: the ODS change checklist which mentions need to access the ordering portal.

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