Services Database Minor Ailments Scheme (Leeds Area)

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The service can only be provided for patients presenting with symptoms of the minor ailment as listed in the service specification.

 For patients under the age of 16 the parent/guardian can accept transfer into the scheme on behalf of the patient.

Only the products listed in the formulary can be provided as part of the scheme. The medicines available within the scheme must not be supplied outside their licensed indications.

 Eligible patients will only be provided with medicines to manage the minor ailment if, in the professional opinion of the pharmacist, there is a current clinical need for the medicine, and the medicine required is not contraindicated.

The pharmacist should carry out a professional consultation which should involve:

  • patient assessment in relation to the presenting complaint;
  • provision of advice;
  • supply of appropriate medicine(s) (OTC pack only) from the agreed formulary;
  • record of advice and treatment;
  • completion of exemption/consultation form; and
  • any medicine(s) supplied under the scheme must be labelled with full dosage instructions and recorded on the PMR as a minor ailment scheme consultation.

Location of service

West Yorkshire LPC


NHS England

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Source of funding

NHS England

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Minor ailment service

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Not known. 


This service is available in the Leeds area only.