Services Database Alcohol Screening and Intervention

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Aims and intended service outcomes

  • To improve access to and choice of alcohol screening and intervention support services closer to peoples’ homes.
  • To provide quicker access to early assessment of potential alcohol-related harm.
  • To provide an early intervention to reduce the number of people who may become alcohol dependent.
  • To reduce alcohol-related illnesses and deaths by helping people to reduce or give up drinking.
  • To help service users access additional treatment by offering timely referral to specialist services where appropriate.
  • To minimise the impact on the wider community by reducing the levels of alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour, thereby improving community safety.

Location of service

Coventry LPC


Other: Celesio

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Alcohol screening & brief intervention

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All pharmacists are recommended to read the following as it will help them to provide the service and train their staff:

  • CPPE Alcohol misuse: Support and advice from the pharmacy team – Distant Learning Pack
  • CPPE Dealing with difficult discussions – eLearning

A pharmacist and representative will be required to attend an initial training session and any training updates.
The declaration of reading and signing the SOP will need to be confirmed on PharmOutcomes via enrolment.
LloydsPharmacy aim to arrange at least one contractor meeting per year to promote service development and update the knowledge of the named pharmacist.