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The service is available to patients aged 16 and over, registered (either permanently or temporarily) with a GP practice in North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Aims and objectives of the service are to:

  • provide a level four anticoagulant therapy management service in a community setting for patients aged 16 and over, registered to a GP practice in North Durham CCG;
  • provide standardised and clinically effective anticoagulation management to patients receiving warfarin therapy or other oral anticoagulants requiring International Normalised Ratio (INR) monitoring while minimising the risks associated with anticoagulation therapy;
  • educate patients in understanding their treatment in terms of their condition requiring oral anticoagulation, target range for INR, the effects of over and under anticoagulation, diet, lifestyle and drug interactions;
  • review the need for continuation of therapy at each visit;
  • identify and appropriately manage patients with specific needs i.e. poor compliance, unstable INR control or frequent non-attendees;
  • optimise care to patients receiving anticoagulant therapy in terms of accessibility, continuity of care and waiting times;
  • record the calculated TTR (Time in Therapeutic Range) at every INR check to reflect INR values over the preceding 6 months (excluding the initial 6 week induction period); and
  • allow patients for self-testing and will provide all consumables necessary to manage this including equipment and test strips.

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County Durham & Darlington LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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