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Any patient who receives a prescription for Vesicare or has commenced treatment within the last six months is eligible to be registered with the Vesicare Information Programme (VIP). Any member of staff who the responsible pharmacist decides is competent can deliver this service.

If a patient presents with a prescription for Vesicare, staff should explain that the manufacturer of Vesicare provide a free service to support patients get the most from their treatment. The service offers support to help them with lifestyle changes that will make managing their disease easier.

To access the support the patient will need to consent to information (name, address etc) being shared to allow for administration of the scheme. Verbal consent can be obtained over the telephone for patients who get their prescription delivered.

If the patient agrees to being signed up for VIP the member of the pharmacy team should fill out all details on the VIP registration form. All details must be completed and these should be easily readable. If the registration form is not fully completed or legible then the pharmacy may not receive their fee.

The patient should then be given the patient information leaflet section a member of the pharmacy team should post the form to the Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire office by the next working day. Pharmacy teams will be provided with freepost stickers to place on any envelope. These can be put in any post box.

The patient will receive an information pack in the post within the next ten days. They will receive their first telephone call one month after receiving the support pack.

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Patient support programmes

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