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This service is offered in a number of participating pharmacies and GP surgeries and is particularly aimed at adult carers between the ages of 40-74 and carers at risk of admission to hospital (or if they are caring for someone at risk of admission to hospital).

The Carer Health and Wellbeing Check service, which offers carers an hour of protected time, provides a free and confidential check-up covering elements of the NHS Health Check, where appropriate, and a wider review of the carer’s health, wellbeing and home environment. It also offers the carer the opportunity to raise any worries or concerns they may have about their health.

If a carer is unable to visit the pharmacy or GP as they cannot leave the person they care for, it may be possible to arrange for the Health and Wellbeing Check to be carried out in the patient’s home. Alternatively, there is money available to pay for someone to look after the person being cared for while the carer has their check.

A plan is developed with the carer and this will incorporate referral to other services where required. A follow up review is then offered to the carer six months later.

Further information on the service can be found on the Devon Carers website.

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Devon LPC



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Carer support

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Start date: 01/08/2009
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Pharmacy staff who are delivering checks will need to be accredited as a ‘Trusted Assessor’ of Devon County Council due to the components of the check that are part of the statutory carers assessment.

To this end staff must attend two half days competency based training programme organised by Westbank and agree to work with designated trainers to maintain their competence; this includes staff who have previously delivered checks.