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The aims of the service are to screen all sexually active men and women aged 15 to 24 inclusive for chlamydia infection by: -

  • offering screening to sexually active young men and women who do not currently access sexual health services;
  • increasing screening of asymptomatic patients consulting for unrelated conditions;
  • increasing acceptability of testing for chlamydia;
  • increasing understanding and raising awareness of the importance of chlamydia and other STIs in young sexually active clients;
  • de-stigmatising chlamydia infections and raising awareness of safer sex practices;
  • reducing the burden on secondary care services by diagnosing chlamydia in the community setting; and
  • increasing early detection and treatment of chlamydia and therefore reducing transmission and complications associated with this infection.

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West Yorkshire LPC


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Recommendations for the service provider:

  • Register and achieve the Kirklees Young People’s Friendly Kite mark in order to encourage young people to access services, in line with the Department of Health ‘Your Welcome Quality Criteria’; and
  • Support staff in developing competencies and skills in dealing with young people around sexual health e.g. Delay training – supporting young people to delay early sex.


This service is available in the Kirklees area only.