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Treatment for chlamydia will be offered under an azithromycin Patient Group Direction (PGD) for those who receive a positive chlamydia test through the Chlamydia Screening Programme only. Treatment will also be available for their partners.

Chlamydia treatment is commissioned for 13-19 year olds as part of an emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) and chlamydia testing consultation and for 16-24s as over the counter requests and from self-selection bins.

The pharmacists delivering this service will have been accredited for and providing the local EHC service and be providing chlamydia screening as part of that.

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Devon LPC


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Pharmacists must have been delivering the EHC scheme in Plymouth and have completed all the necessary training related to this service.

Pharmacists will receive training from the CSP for the azithromycin PGD.

The pharmacists will attend regular sexual health update training as deemed necessary.

Any new pharmacist involved in the provision of these services has completed the relevant training which can include:

  • CPPE training on emergency contraception;
  • Safeguarding children;
  • local levonorgestrel EHC PGD training; and
  • azithromycin PGD training.


This service is available in the Plymouth area only.