Services Database Community Pharmacy Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice Service (Kirklees Area)

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The service will identify increasing and higher risk drinkers within primary care, deliver simple structured advice and provide onward referral for those requiring ongoing support. Those identified as possibly alcohol dependent will be referred to the specialist alcohol treatment service for assessment and care as required. The interventions will be delivered on an individual basis to individuals 16 years and over.

The pharmacies for this service will be selected on the basis of:

  1. the pharmacy has achieved Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1 status or higher; and
  2. the pharmacy has committed to at least 2 individuals within the pharmacy team to become accredited to provide the service.

Please note, this service has been decommissioned.

Location of service

West Yorkshire LPC


Local Authority (LA)

Method of commissioning

Local Authority contract

Source of funding

Local Authority (LA)

Service type

Alcohol screening & brief intervention

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Training and accreditation obligations and good practice:

  • Staff responsible for delivering the IBA service must complete the required training before commencing delivery, and meet and maintain the required knowledge and competency standard;
  • Any new staff joining the pharmacy team including locum pharmacists wishing to provide the IBA service must undertake the required training;
  • Those delivering the IBA service are expected to maintain their knowledge and skills, for example engaging in refresher training;
  • Trained staff are responsible for sharing knowledge from the training courses and other relevant development opportunities to staff who have not engaged in them as a matter of good practice; and
  • It is recommended pharmacy staff who are not directly responsible for delivering the service undertake alcohol awareness training such as that offered by Public Health to enable them to effectively support the delivery of the service and adopt a whole team approach.

Training and accreditation requirements for staff delivering the IBA service:

  • Staff are required to undertake the Public Health Core Brief Intervention training (1 day) as a pre IBA training requirement;
  • Staff are required to successfully complete the ‘Alcohol Learning Centre (ALC) Intervention and Brief Advice’ training for Community Pharmacy open learning programme (2 hours) and its associated assessment (available via; it is a prerequisite of attending the Public Health IBA training. Staff are required to demonstrate successful completion with a valid record of achievement;
  • Pharmacists and technicians have the alternative option (to the Alcohol Learning Centre e-training) to complete the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) ‘Alcohol misuse: support and advice from the pharmacy team Open Learning Programme’ (10 hours). In addition to the alcohol brief intervention and advice knowledge contained within the ALC programme, this programme additionally provides an in-depth knowledge of alcohol misuse, its impact on society, national strategies and alcohol as a drug. Pharmacists and registered technicians can demonstrate they have successfully completed the CPPE programme and assessment by allowing access via CPPE viewer; and
  • Staff are required to undertake the Public Health Alcohol IBA training as a pre-requisite to commencing service delivery (1/2 day).


This service is available in the Kirklees area only.