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Brighton & Hove City Council is commissioning a high quality, evidence-based domiciliary smoking cessation (DSC) service. The objective of the service is to provide free smoking cessation support to housebound patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other long term conditions.

Service outline:

  • Stage 1 Initial assessment*
  • Stage 2 Quit Day*(set by the patient)
  • Stage 3 Support following Quit Day
    (usually by phone, but can be a visit as part of the DSC specification)
  • Stage 4 Four week Quit follow up appointment i.e. 4 weeks after Quit Day*
  • Supply 4 weeks of NRT and inform the patient to phone the pharmacy to arrange an additional 4 week supply of NRT if required.
  • Stage 5 Supply and deliver to the patient the remaining 4 weeks of NRT.

*A face to face consultation is required.

Location of service

East Sussex LPC


Local Authority (LA)

Method of commissioning

Local Authority contract

Source of funding

Local Authority (LA)

Service type

Stop smoking

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  • All smoking cessation advisors (SCAs) delivering the service must successfully complete the Brighton and Hove NHS Centre for Stop Smoking Training level 2 and undertake continuing professional development by attending update stop smoking training
  • Domiciliary SCAs are required to attend a 1 day Domiciliary Smoking Cessation specific training course.


This service is available in the Brighton & Hove area only.