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The aim of this service is to provide opportunistic screening for HBV, HCV and HIV in at-risk migrant groups.
Selected pharmacies will offer all individuals born overseas (potential clients) entering the pharmacy a numbered scratch card. Clients will need to complete the scratch card and return it to the pharmacist. Where necessary, the pharmacist / pharmacy staff will assist the individual to complete the scratchcard if barriers exists (e.g. language). The scratch card contains questions to determine whether the individual meets the criteria to be offered testing.
Using the information provided on the scratchcard, pharmacists will opportunistically offer HBV, HCV and HIV testing to clients that meet the following criteria, determined by the scratch card:

  • aged 16-65
  • arrival in the UK within the last 5 years
  • arrival from a high prevalence country (available on a list provided to the pharmacy)

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Leicestershire & Rutland LPC


Other: University of Leicester

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Blood-borne virus screening

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Testing will only be undertaken by a Pharmacist who has completed the mandatory training provided by Public Health England/specialists.