Services Database Community Pharmacy Immunisation – Fluenz/Nasal Flu Vaccine 2018/19

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Fluenz/nasal flu vaccine is offered to all children from reception to school year 6 across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.  To achieve this, every school is visited once according to a schedule. There are occasions where children, whose parents have consented, are not able to have the vaccine on the day of the school visit.  The most common reasons are temporary exclusions (for example, severely blocked nose, fever and wheeze) or the patient is not in school on the day of the visit.
The aims of this service are to:

  • provide a secondary opportunity for receiving Fluenz/nasal flu vaccine via community pharmacy for those who missed their opportunity in school;
  • maximise uptake of Fluenz/nasal flu vaccine;
  • prevent transmission and reduce complications of flu within the community; and
  • provide a service that is accessible, convenient, professional and friendly.

Location of service

Leicestershire & Rutland LPC


NHS England

Method of commissioning

Source of funding

NHS England

Service type

Seasonal influenza vaccination

Other organisations involved


Start date: 01/10/2018
End date: 31/03/2019




Training requirements include:

  • Be accredited and delivering the national flu service (implicit within this is up-to-date with training for the management of anaphylaxis, Basic Life Support and availability of adrenaline);
  • Have completed the declaration of competence for the national flu service on the CPPE; and
  • Have completed the Fluenz accredited training.

The full training requirements can be found in the service specification.