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As a locally commissioned, enhanced service, community pharmacists are required to provide a service aiming:

  • To offer a user-friendly, non-judgmental, client-centered and confidential service
  • To assist service users to remain healthy until they are ready and willing to cease injecting and ultimately achieve a substance-free lifestyle
  • To reduce the rate of sharing injecting paraphernalia and other high risk behaviours by providing sterile injecting paraphernalia via 'pick & mix'
  • To reduce the rate of blood-borne virus infection transmission amongst people who inject drugs
  • To reduce the risk of overdose related deaths
  • To promote safer injecting practices
  • To provide focused harm reduction advice and information
  • To provide sexual health advice and information
  • To promote access to substance misuse treatment services, signposting and referring where appropriate
  • To ensure the safe disposal of used injecting paraphernalia
  • To encourage alternatives to injecting and prevent initiation where possible
  • To improve the health of local communities by preventing the spread of blood-borne viruses and by reducing the rate of discarded used injecting paraphernalia.

Location of service

Sefton LPC


Local Authority (LA)

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Local Authority (LA)

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Needle & syringe programme

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All staff will be trained on the WEBSTAR recording database by the end of March 2015.

Upon joining the scheme is it expected that all participating pharmacy staff be trained in the following:

  • Health and safety/ needle stick injury
  • Safer injecting practice and advice/Blood Borne virus transmission
  • Customer service skills to engage with NSP service users
  • Overdose prevention advice and information
  • WEBSTAR database use
  • Anonymous Dry Blood Spot Testing (DBST) HPA survey

Training will be provided by Sefton Treatment and Recovery Service (STARS) and workshops will be provided throughout the year at all pharmacies in order to promote full attendance and engagement whilst not interfering with day-to-day business.  It is envisaged that our pharmacy lead, David Farrell will be able to deliver training at each pharmacy at a convenient day and time for the pharmacy and Lifeline.