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The aim of the service is to implement a community pharmacist-led patient activation measurement (PAM) service for patients with Type 1 diabetes to support them to achieve their goals, leading to improvements in monitoring and self-management of their condition.
Ten community pharmacies across Cornwall have been recruited to participate. Pharmacists from each pharmacy will complete a full intervention on ten patients diagnosied with Type 1 diabetes over a three-month period. Data will be recorded using PharmOutcomes which will also be used to generate reports and analyse data.
Participation in the service will be offered to eligible patients who opportunistically present at the trained pharmacy or by signposting.
The intervention will comprise of:

  1. Initial consultation;
  2. Intervention; and
  3. Final consultation.


Reduce the risk of long term complications associated with poor control through increases in PAM scores leading to improved patient ability to self-care, through individualised patient education and activation, reducing:

  • unnecessary appointment costs;
  • secondary care costs – potential reduction in condition- associated complications and associated costs; and
  • medicine wastage costs.

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Cornwall & Isles of Scilly LPC


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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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