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Participating community pharmacies (CP) are required to have completed the
national CPCS registration declaration within the MYS portal and be offering
CPCS as a national advanced service. This is so that the CCG can be assured
that the national service criteria have been met.
• The CP must ensure that they meet the requirements of the national CPCS
• Participating CPs are expected to record the self-referral or ‘walk in’ consultations
offered within this service and send notifications to the GP in the same way that
they would for national service delivery, but use the local recording template so
that local data can be captured and reported; and for claiming purposes.
A patient with symptoms of minor illness may self-refer to a community pharmacy for a
private, professional consultation with the pharmacist regarding their symptoms and how
to manage them. Pharmacy teams are encouraged to advise patients that this service is available and refer them to the community pharmacist where appropriate. A list of self limiting conditions and acute mild illnesses that are usually suitable for advice and treatment from a community pharmacist may be found in appendix 1.

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Gloucestershire LPC


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Winter walk in service

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