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Aims and objectives

  • Raise awareness of the risk factors associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
  • Identify those potentially at risk of COPD;
  • Complete assessments to stratify risk of developing COPD;
  • Provide lifestyle advice required to decrease risk of developing COPD including referral to appropriate services such as Stop Smoking;
  • Signpost to GP to provide timely diagnosis and management where appropriate; and
  • To allow those with undiagnosed COPD to be identified and receive treatment so that disease progression can be slowed.

Patients identified when they present in the pharmacy for smoking cessation advice, purchasing regular cough medicines, or frequent courses of antibiotics for chest infections. Patients may also enquire about the service directly, or be referred by their GP.

Patients are eligible for the service if they are over 35 years and they have not previously been diagnosed with COPD.

Further information on this service can be found on the Community Pharmacy Future website.

This was not a commissioned service.

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  • Pre requirement that pharmacy premises are accredited to deliver MURs and NMS
  • Healthcare Staff- would need to complete training module and the pharmacist would need to declare that they have completed training and are competent