Services Database Directly Observed Therapy for Tuberculosis (Torbay area)

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The main aim of this specification is to support the treatment of patients with tuberculosis (TB) in an appropriate setting.

The pharmacy will:

  • nominate members of staff to receive training from the TB nurse specialist;
  • keep medication secure and inform the TB nurse specialist two weeks before supplies run out;
  • medication should be taken in a suitable quiet area. Water should be provided in a disposable cup. The member of staff should watch that all tablets have been swallowed;
  • the pharmacy must have a suitable area where directly observed therapy (DOT) can be carried out in confidence, away from other members of the public or staff.
  • the pharmacy must be fully compliant with all essential services i.e. there are no outstanding items from monitoring visits; and
  • the record sheet should be completed at each attendance and copied to the TB nurse specialist monthly.

The hospital TB support will:

  • provide training and supervision by the TB nurse specialist;
  • ensure that the medication requirements are supplied to the pharmacy volume for information;
  • contact the patient in the event that they do not attend; and
  • provide any other necessary support and advice about treatment. 

The Commissioner will remunerate the pharmacy for providing DOT on receipt of monthly activity.

Location of service

Devon LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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Tuberculosis (TB)

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Staff who are involved in the provision of this service will have received training from the TB specialist nurse. 


This service is available in the Torbay area only.