Services Database Domiciliary Medicine Use Reviews for all Patients Discharged from Littleton Unit, Cannock Hospital

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During discharge planning patients’ normal dispensing pharmacy will be identified by Unit staff.

 At discharge a copy of the Units Electronic Discharge form will be faxed through to the normal dispensing pharmacist (if they are on the accredited list to provide a domiciliary visits).

If a patient uses a community pharmacy not accredited to provide a domiciliary visit their electronic discharge form will be faxed to a participating pharmacy that is close to the patient’s home.

The community pharmacist will contact the patient once they are at home and organise a mutually convenient time to conduct a domiciliary visit.

The visit will normally be conducted within 7 days of the patient being discharged.

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South Staffordshire LPC


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Discharge support & reablement

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Not known.


This service is available for patients discharged from Littleton Unit, Cannock Hospital.