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This service is for a dispensing service only.  A separate service is available for the provision of an associated monitoring service.

The dosing and dispensing of anticoagulation medication must be kept separate. As such, if a pharmacist has monitored the patient’s INR and set the dose accordingly, a different pharmacist or qualified technician is required to assemble/dispense the item and it is then checked for accuracy. (An accuracy check can be carried out by the monitoring pharmacist providing the medication has been assembled/dispensed by another pharmacist or a technician).

Patients will also be expected to bring to the pharmacy any unused anticoagulation medication in order to assess the current supply required. This will enable pharmacists to check out of date medication or excess stockpiling.

Patients will then be given a supply of anticoagulation medication under Patient Group Direction (PGD) in the most suitable strengths according to the dosing schedule in their Yellow Book. Preferably one month of anticoagulation medication should be given with a further supply given after checking with the patient for any interactions, including food and drink, since previous supply. However, up to a maximum of three months supply may be given in exceptional circumstances at the pharmacist’s discretion. This should only include original pack dispensing (28s) unless the pharmacist clinically feels a smaller supply is warranted (for example an excessive surplus of 5mg tablets may be felt to put the patient at risk).

Please note, this service has now been decommissioned.

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Kent LPC


NHS England

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NHS England

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The pharmacy contractor must ensure that all staff, involved in providing any aspect of care under this scheme, has the necessary training and skills to do so.

It is compulsory for the pharmacist(s) undertaking anticoagulation supply under the PGD to be accredited to supply under PGD by successfully completing the following training:

Either the:

  • CPPE open learning module “Anticoagulation: managing patients, prescribing and problems”, including CPPE on line “Anticoagulants – supporting patients and ensuring safety” examination; or
  • BMJ module “maintaining patients on anticoagulants: how to do it”.

The latter is most useful to pharmacists wishing to offer anticoagulation monitoring and supply services.

Pharmacists must also be Medicines Use Review (MUR) accredited.

In addition, pharmacists must be familiar with the contents of the anticoagulation monitoring Service Specification.

Pharmacists must be reaccredited every two years.


This service is available in the Eastern & Coastal Kent area only.